Home Tuition Singapore Rates

Home Tuition Singapore Rates

Thinking of Hiring a Home Tutor? Take a Look at the Market Rates Below Before Deciding

It’s not surprising to know that like everything else in Singapore, hiring a home tutor costs a pretty penny.

Certainly, there are benefits to hiring a home tutor – you can pick from an array of eligible tutors and view their academic achievements, experience and testimonials easily. You also have the luxury of convenience and the tutor will likely follow or go along with your requested time and day of which the tuition is conducted as best as she/he can.

Unlike having a teacher to student ratio of 1:20, the home tutor can focus and concentrate fully on your child, giving your child all the attention needed. If you are unsatisfied with the tutor, you can also request to change to the next suitable tutor that meets your expectations.

But of course, with any benefit that you gain, there is a tradeoff. If the tutor has any problem, he/she can also request to change tutees.

Convenience for you means that you usually have to take into account transportation fees for the salary paid to the tutor, thus resulting in a higher amount. Also, having one to one tuition also means higher fees.

On average, the tuition fees for hiring a home tutor varies accordingly for different education tiers regardless of the subject being taught. For Preschool and Nursery students, it usually costs around $15-$20 per hour. For Primary school students, teaching a student who is in Primary One will differ from a student in Primary Six.

Typically, it costs about $20-$25 for Primary One to Three students and $20-30 for Primary Four to Six students.

For Secondary school students, it costs about $25-$35 for Secondary One to Secondary Two students, and $30-$45 for Secondary Three to Secondary Four students.

For tertiary students such as those studying in Junior College, it usually costs $35-$60.

For universities students, the rate can climb up to $65-100 per hour.

There are many tuition agencies that you can find online.

They allow you to state the own amount that you are willing to offer to pay, and usually, some parents are willing to fork out higher amounts than the prevailing market rate so that it attracts more tutors.

Usually, if you hire a tutor through an online tuition agency, expect to pay half of the first month’s fees to the agency.

Be sure of the amount you are willing to pay, and make sure that it is a reasonable amount based on the market rates and that it is a comfortable amount that you can part with.

Although parents tend to spend large amounts of money on their child’s education so that they can do well in future, it would not be wise to be overly obsessed and fork out an amount of money that is too much for you to take on financially.