Science Tuition Singapore

science tuition Singapore

Teaching Approach for Science Tuition

Step 1: Understanding of Knowledge
Understanding of Knowledge is the most essential part for students to excel in Science. At Science Tuition Singapore we help our students to understand the knowledge well through summary notes and concept maps. We relate the concept to the roles played by science in daily live, society and the environment.
Step 2: Applications & Problem Solving
We help students to build up the eleven process skills which inclusive of Observing, Comparing, Classifying, Using Apparatus and Equipment,
Communicating, Inferring, Formulating Hypotheses, Predicting, Analysing, Generating Possibilities and Evaluating.

We seek to help students to develop as confident and self-directed learners.      
Step 3: Examination Questions Practice
We help students to analyse challenging examination questions and equip students with strategies in answering the questions correctly.