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How Much Can You Earn as a Foreign Teacher in Singapore?

In Singapore, it can be both easy and difficult finding a well-paid job as a tutor either in a private school, tuition centre or as a home tutor. It will be difficult for you to teach local students, for one.

There are certain expectations you have to fulfil – such as whether you have studied according to the Cambridge or UK examination board used here if you intend to teach local students, or whether you have the relevant certifications such as the O Levels, A Levels or in a recognised institution overseas that are comparable to the local universities here.

Bear in mind that parents will want to hire a tutor who has knowledge that is relevant to the examinations conducted in Singapore, which is why they usually don’t mind local students as home tutors for their students as long as they have good grades.

You must also have the relevant teaching experience and qualifications. Of course, if you intend to teach a specific language such as English, French or Japanese, there are people who would be willing to hire you provided that you are qualified and know how to communicate well in the native language here in Singapore.

Tuition Singapore Job Foreign TeacherAlso, if you intend to teach in an international school, that may be the best for you in your situation, and the pay scale may be higher depending on your level of education, years of experience and the school itself.

It is possible to draw a basic salary of $5,000-$8,000 and above by teaching at an international school here in Singapore.

Even if you wind up drawing a lower salary, say $3,000, don’t be distraught because it may increase as your experience increases and if you receive positive feedback. Everything depends on the place that you teach at.

You can also expect to earn roughly around $40-100 per hour for teaching language subjects for tuition centres and home-based tuition. For other subjects, it will be around $35-$100 as well.

Don’t forget – as a foreigner in Singapore, there will be certain benefits that you will not be entitled to as much as the government tries to attract foreigners for their talents.

Make sure the pay is enough to supplement your spending and other items like rental and healthcare because costs of living in Singapore are considerably high as compared to other countries worldwide. Weigh your options and potential employers before deciding the best route for yourself.